Tom Cruise Climbing Mountains In Mission Impossible: II

from by JAM JAM



spinning a web in a daydream about happier times
when my life was more than finding shapes in ceiling tiles
travel back through my life and see
what a waste of space I’ve been
stuck in the blissful ennui of my post-adolescence:
slept in two hours late, I guess I'll try again tomorrow
because I just wanna be someone genuine

I found a pocketknife, and inside was inscribed a message
to a man more important to the sender than I'll ever be to anyone
I sat awake last night
trapped in a static storm of all the things that I had lost
and everything feels so bass-heavy and hollow

if I’m just a single segment of someone’s memory
a cascading chemical like the changing of the leaves
I hope that I leave a mark and thoughts they can revive
like the seven nights in summertime when we felt most alive


from SUMMER 2016, released August 19, 2016



all rights reserved


JAM JAM Des Moines, Iowa

Cory, Kyle, & Shane

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