Summer 2016

by Jam Jam

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released August 19, 2016

Cory Pritchard: bass
Kyle Kerper: guitar, vocals
Shane McChurch: drums, vocals, lyrics

Recorded & mixed during the summer of 2016 by Shane McChurch at Jupiter Lava Studios

Strawberry logo created by Gina James Pritchard
Album art by Shane McChurch



all rights reserved


Jam Jam Des Moines, Iowa

Formed in 2015, Jam Jam are friends Kyle, Shane, and Cory. Influenced by such bands as Bear vs. Shark, Algernon Cadwallader, Native, and Chon, Jam Jam aim to create music and have a good time through the exploration of delay pedals, overdrive, and vegan bean dip. In August 2016, the band released its debut album, Summer 2016, and are currently writing for their second album. ... more


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Track Name: R. Kelly Trying His Best, Even Though He Can't Read Or Write
I am walking down a line that’s sure to drain me of all the warmth I carry with me in the pocket of my shirt
time flies since the sunset has me feeling like it’s not a special occasion anymore
now everything is just how it seems and that's why I scream

sometimes my bones feel like they’re gonna break under the weight
of everything that’s pressing down on me
right now my chest is caving in
and I can’t catch my breath
and oh god, I’m so afraid to die

I tried to pull myself back up
but my relentless indecision dragged me with razor teeth
to the bottom of the sea
death of a thousand cuts, I feel so beaten down and weathered by this storm that's hitting from all sides
there’s a cold wind blowing on my skin and I'm facing the only thing I feared
Track Name: Boromir Rating The Walkability Of Various Neighborhoods
you are a tiny plant without a name
and I am a layer of ice that won’t ever melt

I don’t know why I still feel so cold
staring through the rain at pillars of solid gold
longing for a quick flight to a bright light where I can fade away
Track Name: Tom Cruise Climbing Mountains In Mission Impossible: II
spinning a web in a daydream about happier times
when my life was more than finding shapes in ceiling tiles
travel back through my life and see
what a waste of space I’ve been
stuck in the blissful ennui of my post-adolescence:
slept in two hours late, I guess I'll try again tomorrow
because I just wanna be someone genuine

I found a pocketknife, and inside was inscribed a message
to a man more important to the sender than I'll ever be to anyone
I sat awake last night
trapped in a static storm of all the things that I had lost
and everything feels so bass-heavy and hollow

if I’m just a single segment of someone’s memory
a cascading chemical like the changing of the leaves
I hope that I leave a mark and thoughts they can revive
like the seven nights in summertime when we felt most alive
Track Name: Michael Jordan's History Of Respectable Fears
drowning in the water underneath the bridge between two rocky shorelines
I never learned to swim because I can't take anything seriously until I'm fucking panicking

like a white wolf running alone separate from the pack
I'll scream at a moonlit sky without a landmark to lead me back
atop a mountain staring at a forest shadowed by the past
cut it all down and watch it burn until there's nothing left but glass
Track Name: Your Daddy Told Me I'm A Fucking Savage
I saw the oceans ending back when I was 17
but since then I've gone nowhere, and done nothing, and gone nowhere, and done nothing at all
is there any consolation for the time that I have wasted?
or am I doomed to repeat the past that I create?

spending my days biding time until my life starts up again
or will you witness my untimely death on closed circuit television?